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Why You Should Determine if You Have A Crawlspace Leak Today

Why You Should Determine if You Have A Crawlspace Leak Today

When was the last time you visited your crawlspace? It probably was the last time that a major household malfunction forced you into action. Once you closed that trapdoor you were glad the event was over and hoped that you would never to have to venture down there again. Be a brave soul and venture down there at least twice a year just to check for issues, such as leaks. Leaks begin exactly how they sound, a minor inconvenience. However, they can snowball into a major headache if left to their own devices.

Why You Should Determine if You Have A Crawlspace Leak Today

Crawlspace Leaks Bring Pests

The first headache of a leak in your crawlspace is the accumulation of water. Water will attract a number of pests such as bugs and rodents to take up residence under your home. In addition to the repair bill for the leak, toss in a few visits from pest control. Until that leak is fixed, your home will be also home to colonies of unwanted residents. The result being an indefinite infestation.

Crawlspace Mold Farm

Leaks will accelerate the growth of mold in your crawlspace as well. Warm, dark, and wet give mold all the nutrition it needs to grow. As the mold spreads like wildfire throughout the underside of your home, it’s odor and health-damaging spores will leech up into the living areas.


Mold has a distinctive and irritating smell that is not only detrimental to your enjoyment of your home but indicates the presence of potentially harmful mold spores. Do you remember the pests? The smell of their droppings can enter the home too. Your home may be clean otherwise, but you will go crazy trying to figure out what that smell is.

Structural Damage from Crawlspace Leaks

The leaks may get into the wood of your flooring and damage the foundation of the home. The bill for pest control or mold cleanup is going to be chicken feed once you see the cost of having to deal with structural damage. If you let a leak party in your crawlspace, you may end up with mold, pests, and structural damage. RCS offers water removal, mold remediation, and reconstruction services and can refer you to plumbers and pest control to address any and all of these needs.

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