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Services at a Glance

RCS reconstructs homes and business that have been damaged by Mold, and/or Water to their pre-loss condition. This may include replacing the wood work in the wall structures, replacing damaged plumbing, electrical lines, termite damage repair, replacing sub flooring, installing and finishing new wallboard, installing new flooring and carpeting, and repainting of walls and ceilings.


Water Extraction and repair24hr Emergency Water Extraction

When water damage occurs, it is vital to have a knowledgeable restoration company mitigate the loss using correct drying equipment and industry-approved methods.  Without professional attention, additional damage can occur to your structure and contents.  We handle water mold damage in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, and the surrounding North Bay Area. Contact Restoration Certified Specialists ASAP.

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Mold Removal and RepairMold Removal & Prevention

You breathe easier and healthier with RCS's methods. As you know mold is health hazard and, if not taking care of properly, it will continue to return overtime. Our company knows what is required to safely remove the mold in your building, so it is no longer a threat to the air that you or your tenants breathe. After the mold is removed, RCS can also repair the property damages caused by mold, and puts measures into effect to prevent future mold growth. We are licensed, insured and well experienced in mold removal.

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Crawlspace Deep CleaningCrawlspace Cleanup

We at RCS have the equipment and knowledge to clean up, dry out, and decontaminate your crawl space. Our team of crawlspace experts can remove damaged, old, moldy or wet contents from your building's crawlspace. We can even install a new moisture barrier to prevent future moisture related issues which are common to these tight areas. All it takes is a simple phone call to (707) 550-0555.

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ReconstructionReconstruction Services

Now that the emergency work is complete, your contents are either protected or packed out into our state of the art facility for deodorization and further deep cleaning. We understand that your belongings are important to us. Some have monetary value while others have priceless sentimental value to you and your family. We pride ourselves in taking great care of your items and restoring as best as possible to their prior state.

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