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How Insects Could Signal A Leak

How Insects Could Signal A Leak

When it comes to some insects in your home, you will find that they are a direct result of moisture in your home as well as the mildews and fungi in your home. If you happen to see a lot of insects in your house, then it might be an indication that there is a water leak or some other form of moisture problem inside of your home. Some insects are feeders on mold and mildew, and they typically will require the humid conditions that mildew usually prefer.

If you want to find one of the best ways to look for a leak in your home, you really should keep an eye out to look for insects that might be in your home. If they happen to be the type of insects that gravitate towards water or mildew and mold, then it’s time for you to consider the fact that you might have a problem.

The following are some of the top insects that might spell leak:

The main one is the foreign grain beetle that comes along with a couple other tiny beetles that like to feed mainly on mildew and fungal spores that might occur when you have a leak in your house. Typically, you will find that it is common in new homes because there is mildew on some lumber that has absorbed water and provides a great food source for the insects, resulting in the infestation.

Additionally, there are some other insects that might cause some problems in your house and could indicate a leak such as the merchant and sawtoothed grain beetles and psocids.

Roaches and water bugs also gravitate toward water, so a sudden infestation of those may indicate a leak also.

If you’re wondering how to deal with a problem when it comes to an infestation with these bugs, then you will find that there are some helpful tips you can follow. For starters, ensure that you increase your home or building's ventilation, take measures to reduce the moisture, and have good sanitation at all times. Additionally, you need to understand that weeks and weeks of drying out may be necessary to help stop the infestation so don’t think you will see immediate results when you stop the problem.

As always, if you have excess moisture or a leak and you don’t take care of it, then the problem is just going to persist. Before you try and take care of the infestation, make sure you take care of the leak that led to the infestation, otherwise you will have the same problem in just a few weeks or it might not ever go away.



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