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Meet the team

David Carney

David Carney

General Manager

David has been protecting structures for over 22 years. He began his career in the Pest & Termite industry, serving in a supervisory position until joining Clean Crawlspace Inc in 2004. David was a personal friend of the founder of RCS, Paul DeLuca, and stays close to the family to this day. David enjoys making sure the company is always providing quality service and value with friendly and hardworking team members. As David says, "you get what you pay for…and we do it right the first time, and with people I would feel comfortable working inside my own home". 

Victoria Kehr

Victoria Kehr

Office Manager -

Victoria brings her professional organization to the team. She enjoys providing the customer services that is often missed today. Victoria comes to RCS from another company in the industry.

Meet the CEO of RCS

Tim Garrett

Advisor -

My strength is in the field of emergency restoration & dealing with insurance coverage for your claim.

As a longtime owner of this business I have been privy to many types of restoration projects, I have built trusting relationships with many insurance adjusters from many different insurance companies over the years.

One thing we can always rely on is that there is always constant change. Some adjusters want the estimate written this way and others want it that way. Just understanding the adjuster’s language in regards to if your claim will be covered is a special skill. For example: if a sewer pipe breaks under your home, it is not a covered claim, unless it is actually touching the floor boards under your home.

This is where my experience comes in. I know how to talk to the adjuster. There are many, many more examples of why you would want me to talk to your adjuster rather than you. Most home owners want to tell the adjuster the whole story and they end up talking themselves right out of having a covered insurance claim. Sometimes it’s just best to stand there and answer the adjusters question rather than volunteer information that is not needed.

I work for you and I help get your claim covered.

The largest contributor to my big smile from doing this type of work every day is working with people. Often it can start out in a difficult situation. The home owner is in shock, doesn't know me, and has no idea who they should trust. Let’s say you have been up all night after a devastating fire in your kitchen. All you can do is hope that you insurance company is really on your side and looking out for you, like they say in the commercials on TV. If I am successful in my endeavor, by the end of your job I have earned your trust and possibly made a new friend.

Project Manager for RCS

Florencio Chavez

Project Manager -

Florencio has been a dependable presence at Restoration Certified Specialists for the last 10 years as Project Manager. He is a real team player, is exceptional at time management, and is invaluable because of his ability to multitask between multiple jobs as needed. The things that he enjoys most about working for RCS is managing multiple departments, working with clients, and the diversity of his job responsibilities.

Marketing Coordinator for RCS

Andrea Pannell

Marketing Coordinator -

Andrea has been with Restoration Certified Specialists for 4 years, bringing several years of industry experience, as well as conscientiousness, loyalty, and energy. Andrea enjoys the diverse groups of people she gets to work with because of her position as well as attending professional networking group meetings and strategizing with others to come up with different marketing ideas.


A note about the founder of Restoration Certified Specialist

Paul Deluca the founder lost his life years ago, although most of the same employees are still present and remember Paul’s vision and how he treated all customers, employees and people he came in contact with.

Paul’s Vision was that all people come first before his selfish desires are satisfied. He helped a great many people in his life. He used to ask me “if I was honest when no one was looking”. I still live by those words and try to do the very best I can in everything I do.

President of Restoration Certified Specialists.

Tim P. Garrett