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This Is Why You Want Disaster Specialists To be ASCR Certified

This Is Why You Want Disaster Specialists To be ASCR Certified

When your place of business or home needs restoration due to mold, water damage, or sewage contamination, then you want to be sure to get quality professionals. Those offering cleaning and restoration services are plentiful, but securing a company that truly has the skills, expertise, and experience is not as easy to find. Just what makes a restoration specialist top in the industry? Anyone can make claims but if the company staff went through training for the job and received certification for it, then you can trust them to do a superior job. The certification standard in the industry is from the Association of Specialists in Cleaning and Restoration (ASCR). When hiring for your next cleaning and restoration job, consider a business with the ASCR certification. Here are 4 benefits you get with an ASCR certificate.

This Is Why You Want Disaster Specialists To be ASCR Certified

Nationwide Recognition

The ASCR certification has been providing people with professional training in the industry since 1980, and they’ve been in the business even longer. Their standard of excellence expands across the states. When you receive the ASCR certification, you get the gold standard in restoration and cleaning.

Opportunity for Advanced Certificates

The diversity of restoration projects calls for specialized certificates. The ASCR provides course for advanced damage and restoration control. Taking the certification program one can choose from any of the following specialties:

Rigorous Course of Study

When you obtain a certificate from any institution, you want to be sure that you will come away with the knowledge and expertise you need to complete your job successfully. The ASCR certification program requires that participants complete the following:
  • Intensive study course
  • Research in the industry
  • Pre-certification education requirement course
  • Formal report
  • Final paper
Once these steps are completed, you will proceed to the advanced certification course.

Pre-certification Needed to Take the Course

Before anyone can complete the certification program, they must complete one course in each of the following:
  • Basic fire, smoke, and water damage restoration skills
  • Restoration of structural damage
  • Contents restoration
  • Health and safety
  • Management
The reasons for securing a company that has the ASCR certification are plentiful. When it comes to keeping your business office or home in top shape, you can rely on experts with the ASCR seal of approval. The ASCR certificate doesn’t come easily. Those who earn the certification put in a lot of hard work to gain it, because they are serious about offering professional and effective services. For more information about restoration services, please contact us today.

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