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Wildfire Embers and the Danger They Pose to Your Home

Wildfires are a serious and increasingly prominent threat to rural property around Sonoma County. Depending on where you live, you may be at an increased risk of wildfire damage and should be as proactive as possible in preparing for the possibility of a wildfire impacting you and your loved ones.

Roughly 90% of homes damaged by wildfires are damaged because of embers that drift through the air onto or into the home. Embers that land onto your roof can start a fire in the attic that spreads quickly to other parts of the house. Embers that drift in through an open window can land on fabric or other easily ignitable materials, quickly leading to an internal housefire.

The National Interagency Fire Center publishes year-over-year data on the number and extent of wildfires in the United States. In 2021 alone there were nearly 59,000 wild fires affecting more than 7.1 million acres. California is far and away the state most at risk for damage to property and loss of life due to wildfires. Interestingly though, the overall number of wildfires is actually consistently higher in the East. The extent to which fires grow and spread is much greater in the West, despite there being far fewer overall numbers of fires.

Its difficult to predict where the next wildfire will strike. It is possible to determine which areas are more susceptible to wild fire damage and spread, but whether one ever starts is something that cannot be foreseen. Because of this, it’s better to instead focus on defending yourself from the possibility – especially if you live in a high risk area, or a state with a high number of wild fires each year.

Embers are the biggest enemy when it comes to defending your home and property against wild fire damage. Vulcan vents acts as your first line of defense against embers from wildfires or any other event that might threaten the safety of your home. The vents are specifically designed to provide air flow capabilities to attics and crawl spaces. They do so with a patented design that prevents dangerous embers from moving through while allowing air to pass through unimpeded. They have different designs for different openings and applications.

Contact Restoration Certified Specialists today to get an estimate on installing a Vulcan Vent on your property, and protecting your home and loved ones from dangerous wildfire embers.