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How Vulcan Vents Work

If you live in Santa Rosa or Sonoma County, you’re familiar with the potential of flying wildfire embers and the fire risks it means for your home during fire seasons.

To help prevent the damage airborne embers cause, we are excited to offer Vulcan Vents to our clients. Vulcan Vents offer an additional level of fire safety to your home and loved ones.

Here’s how Vulcan Vents work.

Fire Protection x3

The unique design gives you 3x the protection from flying embers and heat.

Vulcan Vents are designed not only to allow for better airflow but combine three layers of protection against even the smallest of embers.

Mesh Screen

The back layer is made of a strong, stainless steel mesh screen which works to continuously blocks embers.

Because flying embers can reach your home long before a wildfire, the mesh screen is a key feature which catches the embers before they get inside, ignite, and potentially start a home fire.

Intumescent Honeycomb Coating

This middle layer is the one that allows air to flow freely through the vent. Once high heat is detected, it reacts by sensing the heat, swells shut and acts as a fire wall. This fire wall prevents heat and flames from getting inside your home.

Mesh Rodent Screen

Where there are vents, there’s an opportunity for rodents to enter your home. The custom-designed mesh rodent screen provides added strength to the vent in addition to keeping rodents out.

Vulcan Vent Installation

Because you never know how airborne embers may threaten your home and safety, Vulcan Vents can be installed in numerous locations.

Here are some of the locations where Vulcan Vents can actively protect your home from floating embers:

  • Roof
  • Dormers
  • Gables
  • Ridge
  • Eaves
  • Foundation

Better ventilation allows for better airflow which means fewer vents are needed. This saves you money at installation and on those monthly energy bills.

Additional Benefits of Vulcan Vents

In accordance with the California building code (Ch. 7A), new homes must comply with ventilation and building materials rated for exterior exposure to wildfires. Vulcan Vents are both fire and ember rated, in addition to 1-rated.

Vulcan Vents have been tested and passed the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) E 2886, which specifically evaluates the ability of exterior vents to block ember entry and flame penetration.

Free airflow reduces the chance of active mold growing and thriving in the vents and ventilation system.


Here at RCS, we are always looking for new ways to keep you, your family and home safe.

For more information on Vulcan Vents, water remediation or mold remediation, reach out to the experts at RCS in Santa Rosa.


Wild Fire Protection Sonoma County | Vulcan Vents

We are excited to be working wtih Vulcan Vents to protect home from wild fires in the Sonoma County and surrounding areas.


David Carney
We started cleaning crawlspace in 2004. And it was part of a mold remediation company. And it wasn’t long when we figured out that it was going to be a standalone company that could just focus on key things and get really good at it.

Home Owner
We’ve had two fires come into our neighborhood. First the Tubbs fire. It was in our neighborhood for a week. It didn’t actually come to my house, but then the Kincade fire, you know, came right up to our house and burned most of our property. We thought we’re going to lose the house. We replaced all the bark and foot rock and and things like that around the house and removed a lot of bushes and trees and things. And then I had heard about these honeycomb vents. And so a friend of mine referred me to Clean Crawlspace.

David Carney
One of the things that we’re really excited about is we’re installing fire protection vents at the foundation, attic and eaves. I love this product here. Tell me about it.

Nate Oliver
Vulcan vents, you know, to put it simply it keeps embers from getting inside of the home. Vulcan vents work like event when they should and they become a one hour firewall when they need it. We have a stainless steel mesh on the back that blocks embers for the life the event and the fancy stuff in the middle there is a honeycomb. Honeycomb; it’s an aluminum material that’s covered with an intumescent coating. Intumescent meaning it expands when exposed to heat.

Home Owner
Everything went great. All the workers were really courteous and I really noticed that when they were inside our house that they you know put plastic over everything and cleaned up after themselves.

David Carney
We do thorough background checks and really are choosy on who we hire because we’re coming into the customers house.

Nate Oliver
We’re seeing like a 20 to 40% survivability of communities and structures if they harden their homes.

David Carney
Doing it right for the customer the first time with quality people is what it’s all about. We’re growing and we’re just going to continue to take care of the customers

fire embers

Wildfire Embers and the Danger They Pose to Your Home

Wildfires are a serious and increasingly prominent threat to rural property around Sonoma County. Depending on where you live, you may be at an increased risk of wildfire damage and should be as proactive as possible in preparing for the possibility of a wildfire impacting you and your loved ones.

Roughly 90% of homes damaged by wildfires are damaged because of embers that drift through the air onto or into the home. Embers that land onto your roof can start a fire in the attic that spreads quickly to other parts of the house. Embers that drift in through an open window can land on fabric or other easily ignitable materials, quickly leading to an internal housefire.

The National Interagency Fire Center publishes year-over-year data on the number and extent of wildfires in the United States. In 2021 alone there were nearly 59,000 wild fires affecting more than 7.1 million acres. California is far and away the state most at risk for damage to property and loss of life due to wildfires. Interestingly though, the overall number of wildfires is actually consistently higher in the East. The extent to which fires grow and spread is much greater in the West, despite there being far fewer overall numbers of fires.

Its difficult to predict where the next wildfire will strike. It is possible to determine which areas are more susceptible to wild fire damage and spread, but whether one ever starts is something that cannot be foreseen. Because of this, it’s better to instead focus on defending yourself from the possibility – especially if you live in a high risk area, or a state with a high number of wild fires each year.

Embers are the biggest enemy when it comes to defending your home and property against wild fire damage. Vulcan vents acts as your first line of defense against embers from wildfires or any other event that might threaten the safety of your home. The vents are specifically designed to provide air flow capabilities to attics and crawl spaces. They do so with a patented design that prevents dangerous embers from moving through while allowing air to pass through unimpeded. They have different designs for different openings and applications.

Contact Restoration Certified Specialists today to get an estimate on installing a Vulcan Vent on your property, and protecting your home and loved ones from dangerous wildfire embers.