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The Problem With Leaky Roofs

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Roof leaks are a common issue but one that often goes unnoticed. Despite this, they can lead to some very concerning problems. Below you’ll discover the dangers of roof leaks and a few ways you can prevent them.

Signs Your Roof is Leaking

There are a few things to watch out for that indicate your roof might have a leak.
  • Water spots on your ceiling.
  • You notice water dripping from the ceiling.
  • The shingles are falling off.
  • Your home’s walls are buckling or warping.

Is a Roof Leak Serious?

Roof leaks might seem harmless but they can cause serious issues. One is structural damage. The longer water drips through the roof, the more it will seep into your home’s beams, drywall, and insulation. This not only could result in mold but can weaken the pieces and cause them to crumble. Besides this, leaks could affect surrounding electrical units. Depending on the water quantity, it could coat the wires and result in a fire. One of the most frequent issues though is mold. As the water drips, it will moisten the areas around it. This encourages mold spores and bacteria to develop in these spots. Over time, you might notice discoloration on the affected sections or a musty smell throughout your home.

How to Prevent Roof Leaks

Have Regular Inspections Done: One of the best ways to confirm your roof is in good condition is by having an expert inspect it. They’ll investigate various areas and can fix smaller issues to prevent significant ones. Besides this, do your own inspections. You can do quick scans of the exterior and within your attic to ensure there aren’t broken pieces or leaks. Clean Your Gutters: It’s also good to keep your gutters spotless. If they’re clogged, it will only cause water to back up in them. The longer the water sits, the more likely it will affect the roof around it. This could cause shingles to loosen or allow droplets to seep into hidden cracks. Trim Nearby Tree Branches: If you notice tree branches hanging over your roof, it might be worthwhile to trim them. By doing so, you can prevent their leaves from constantly falling on your roof - something which could clog the gutters. It will also stop them from dripping water on your roof after it rains. By keeping this information in mind, you can easily prevent roof leaks. For those concerned that their home might already have structural or mold problems caused by it, contact RCS in Sonoma County. RCS offers extensive services that ensure your living space is free from these severe issues.

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