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How Water Damages Your Cabinets


Cabinets can be a beautiful architectural part of your home, but they can also run into some problems, especially water damage. This post will explore why this happens and how it can be mended.

How Do Cabinets Get Water Damage?

Cabinets tend to be in areas where there is a lot of water, such as kitchens and bathrooms. If you use the sink to wash your hands or fill up containers, droplets can drip on them. Over time, the droplets can add up and lead to warping. In addition to this, if the cabinets hold pipes, they could get moisture from them, especially if there’s a hidden leak. Depending on the cabinet’s material, they can absorb the moisture which can lead to them crumbling and molding.

Signs of Cabinet Water Damage

Some of the most common indications that your cabinets are water damaged include:
  • Black or green splotches on them
  • The exterior is peeling or bubbling
  • The hinges aren’t moving correctly

Is it a Serious Problem?

Cabinet water damage doesn’t just affect its looks. In fact, it can lead to serious mold growth which can lead to respiratory problems. Once the mold starts growing, you’ll have a difficult time containing it if you’re not diligent at cleaning it off. The spores could eventually spread to nearby wood sections and cause them to disintegrate. Besides this, water damage indicates that there’s a leak somewhere. This can be concerning as there might be significant invisible damage.

How to Fix This Issue

While you’ll usually need a professional to do a deep clean, you can calm the problem by doing a few things. To begin, remove any items around the damaged area. You’ll then want to take a clean cloth and wipe up any puddles or moisture around it. Once this is done, turn on a fan and blow it on the cabinets. This can aid with drying them. Let the fan run for a few hours and continuously check the cabinet to see the progress. After the cabinet is dry, you can leave it as it is or try to scrape away at the damaged parts. You can then apply a tough sealer to protect it from further damage. Water damage on cabinets might not seem like a big deal but it can cause serious problems. If you’re concerned you might have this issue, contact RCS in Santa Rosa, CA. We’ll send a team out to inspect the area and get to work fixing it.

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