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Winter Weather and Your Crawl Space

cleaning crawlspace

Even though spring is just around the corner, winter is still here and the cold, damp, and blustery weather can wreak havoc on your crawl space if it has not been properly winterized. The last thing you want to deal with while you are enjoying the powdery winter wonderland is a mold infestation, structural damage, or an unexpected increase in your energy bill. What exactly does “winterizing” your crawl space…...


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What To Do in a Home or Office Flood Emergency

house flood

Depending on your geographical location, what the weather is typically like, and what terrain your home or office resides on, flooding may be a natural and more-common-than-you’d-like occurrence. Or you might live in an area where floods rarely to never happen and when it does. Lastly, a flood can take place due to a burst pipe or another fluke accident within the four walls. If you’ve never experienced a…...

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Mold in the News 2020

mold in the news

When you read Mold in the News, surely you think, “Oh, this cannot be good.” And who would have thought mold could be in the news so often! Moldy situations happen all the time, all over the world...and the big ones make the headlines. Sometimes the stories are devastating and unbelievable while others are tales of caution—what to do and what not to do. So far in 2020, there have…...


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How to Tell if Water Damage is New or Old

water damage santa rosa

You smell that tell-tale musty odor, you locate the source, but you aren’t certain whether or not the water damage you have found is new or has been there for a while. You definitely didn’t notice it before, but then again, it has occurred in a location that you don’t frequent on a daily basis. Should you take the wall apart in that area to see behind it? Should you…...

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What You Need To Know About Water Damage And Your Insurance Company

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Dealing with a water-related disaster in your home is the last thing you want to be doing. Whether the incident was from a frozen pipe that busted, a flooded basement due to a storm, or from the washing machine going crazy, water damage can be a hassle to handle, can end up being costly, and if not treated quickly, can impact the air quality within your home and you and…...

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Unfreeze Those Water Pipes

You may have or may have not done everything in your power to prevent frozen pipes this winter...yet it still happened. You have a frozen pipe on your hand and need to figure out how to deal with it before damage ensues. First, how do you even identify whether or not a pipe in your home is frozen? These are some of the signs: Water is not running through the…...


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