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What to Do If You Find a Water Leak

water damage santa rosa

Water leaks - these two words can become an expensive nightmare for homeowners. If not caught in time, they can often ruin your home’s structure. Many are usually unsure what to do when they come across one. Do you try to fix it yourself? Should you call a professional for help? Here are some signs that you might have a leak and a few tips you can use to stop…...

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How is Drywall Installed?

drywall installation sonoma county

Drywall is commonly found in most homes and is used to not only insulate your living space but make it more flame-resistant. If you’re interested in learning more about this material and how it’s installed, keep reading. You’ll discover some interesting facts about it and more about its installation process. What is Drywall? Drywall is a flat piece of gypsum plaster that’s stuffed with compacted paper. Because of its rigidity…...


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Do HEPA Filters Work?

hvac filter santa rosa

Dust, pollen, pet dander - these are just a few particles that can contaminate your home’s air. While they might seem harmless, these items can irritate your respiratory system leading to many unpleasant side effects. HEPA filters are built to eradicate these fragments. But, many are often skeptical about them. Below you’ll find more information about how they work and whether they’re worth using. What is a HEPA Filter? A…...

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Common Warm Weather Pests and How to Get Rid of Them

rodent pest

While summer has its benefits, it also has a few downsides. One of the most common is the emergence of various pests. These not only are annoying to deal with but can sometimes cause serious structural damage. Below you’ll discover some to watch out for and how you can prevent them from getting near your home. 3 Regular Summer Pests Ticks: Ticks might be small but they can cause serious…...

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5 Signs Your Plumbing Lines Are Damaged

Bad Odor

Many times, we don’t know when our plumbing lines are broken until it’s too late. But, there are a few ways you can easily determine when there might be a concern. This post will explain more about what causes this problem and a few indications that you might need to get them repaired. What Causes Damaged Pipes? There are many things that could result in ruined pipes. A common culprit…...

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Carpet Damaged?

carpet wtih vacuum

Carpet damage is a common yet often overlooked problem in our homes. This post will explain more about it and when you should be worried. What is Carpet Damage? Carpet damage comes in a few different types. One is the general wear-and-tear of this material. The longer you have it, the more likely its fibers will start getting worn. Besides this, food and dirt stains could seep into it. Another…...

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