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Water Restoration | How Is Water Removed From Home?

water damage santa rosa fans

You may have heard of someone’s home getting flooded when a pipe breaks or seen an advertisement for water extraction specialists and wondered, “How do they do it?” Well, they don’t use a bucket brigade system—this isn’t the 18th century—in fact, the methods are far more advanced than that now. There are a few steps that typically take place before anyone begins extracting water and those involve: inspecting the source…...

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The Magic of Water Damage Restoration in Sonoma County

Water Damage Restoration Sonoma County

The Magic of Water Damage Restoration You might think that the recent water damage to your home in Sonoma County may be irreparable. So, it’s time to pack up and move out? Or course not! Modern technology allows us to dry, clean, and sanitize damaged and hazardous personal belonging, as well as repair all the structural damage to your home. Typical Damage Typically, when water damages a home, the water…...

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Mold In The Bathroom? Don’t Neglect The Fan

bathroom Santa Rosa CA

Most bathrooms have that extra switch on the wall to activate a fan on the ceiling, but it doesn’t seem to do much but add a constant hum. In fact, that tiny fan ventilates the bathroom, removing: humidity, odors, and other pollutants. While the improved air quality might be enough (no one likes a smelly bathroom!), its most powerful effect is that of removing humidity when taking a shower. This…...

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Roof Leak – Hidden Potential Water Damage


An often-overlooked aspect of your home defense is the roof! It has the tough job of protecting everything under it from the rain, sun, hail, and debris. Typically, a new roof will last from 20- to 30- years, but there are many unaccounted-for factors which deteriorate your roof faster; and, unfortunately, it isn’t always obvious when something has gone wrong up there. So, what can you do!? Inspecting your House…...

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Broken Sewage Pipe? Now What!?

sewer backup santa rosa

A home sewage line is an often-over-looked aspect of one’s home, but that doesn’t make it any less of a concern. While physical damage to the line is uncommon, a back-up isn’t, and these are rarely covered by your insurance! Since back-ups are often caused by the owner (and a lot of physical damage is preventable), you’ll likely end up paying out of pocket for the damages- which can be…...

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Preparing For, Preventing, And Recovering From A Flood

water damage santa rosa, ca

No matter where you live in Sonoma County, a house flood can be a legitimate concern (especially in the Russian River neighborhoods) for costly repairs, loss of sentimental items, and possible relocation of your family. Flood insurance is an invaluable resource to have, but what else can you do about a flood? It’s best to prepare for a flood, so you can limit the amount of damage done; take steps…...

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