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Reducing Summer Mold Exposure

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Summer is a favorite season for just about everyone. However, one of the things to watch out for is an increase in mold and exposure to it. Because mold grows so quickly and poses significant health risks, here’s what you can do to reduce your exposure to mold this season. Why is there More Mold in Summer? If you know anything about mold, you know it thrives in warm, moist,…...

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Why Mold Attracts Bugs


If you’ve ever wondered why where there is mold there are bugs, you’re not imagining things. There are a few reasons why mold and bugs seem to go hand-in-hand. Learn why if you have mold, you’ll attract several types of unwelcome bugs. Environment Both mold and bugs are attracted to and invade spaces with warm, humid, moist conditions. When outside temperatures heat up, humidity levels rise, as does moisture and…...

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Removing Mold From Vinyl Siding

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Nothing makes a home appear more neglected than mold growing all over the vinyl siding. No matter whether it’s black, green, or some other shade, it definitely takes away the curb appeal. Active mold growing on your vinyl siding not only looks terrible, but it’s an unhealthy situation, as well. Here are some reasons why mold grows on your vinyl siding, how to clean it, and most importantly, how to…...

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Indoor Cleaning Safety Tips

spring cleaning 2023

When opening up those windows, letting fresh air in, and cleaning those somewhat neglected areas in your home begins, safety is the key when tackling your projects. Here are some tips to knock out all those cleaning chores as safely as possible. Body Protection One important safety tip is to protect yourself from head to toe to avoid injuries. Mask Wearing a mask provides extra protection from the dangers of…...


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Crawlspace Cleaning and Maintenance

clean and tidy crawl space

You can definitely tell it’s spring by the sight of all the yard debris left behind during all those wet, chilly months spent indoors. While making a plan for yard cleanup this spring in Sonoma County, don’t forget the importance of cleaning your crawlspace under your home. Here’s what to check and include on your crawlspace cleaning and maintenance list. Inspection After enduring the cold, wet, rainy season, your crawlspace…...

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Dangers of Soot Pollution

wood board being burned

Soot is generated from a variety of sources including residual damage left behind in the aftermath of a house fire. While there are protective measures in place to minimize soot pollution in the outdoor environment, it can still present a challenge to eliminate completely from your home. Sources of Soot As you know, when cleaning up the aftermath of a fire, a big part of the cleanup revolves around soot…...

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