When water damage occurs, powerful tools are required to fix it. Many of these necessary gadgets are only available to professionals because of their intricate setup and price. Below is a bit more about the most frequently used devices and how they eradicate this issue.

Common Water Removal Equipment

Water Extractors: One of the most relied-upon devices is a water extractor. This tool mimics a vacuum and its nozzle is pushed along the water-damaged space to absorb moisture. As it removes the water, it will get pushed through its hose into a sealed container. Depending on the size and severity of the problem, a technician might need to run the water extractor over the area multiple times.

Moisture Meters: To help experts locate where the water damage is, they use moisture meters. By pointing it along the floors and walls, they can get a better idea of where the problem occurs. Many will create graphs to help users understand where the main issue is located and how serious it is.

Spot Removers: This unique device is placed over the affected area to extract water. This way, the flooring doesn’t have to be pulled up. To work, the spot remover’s pad is secured to the space and then connected to a hose. Once turned on, the hose will pull up the water and release it into an attached bucket.

Dehumidifiers with Hoses: Unlike traditional dehumidifiers, these commercial options are stronger and have hose connectors. Once plugged in, the machine will get to work pulling moisture out of the air. To keep track of its performance, it has a panel on the top that tells its inlet and outlet levels. When its tank is full, the dehumidifier can be turned off and attached to a condensate hose for drainage.

Air Mover: To dry out the space, air movers are used. These large gadgets work as a fan but have a special design so they can reach difficult areas. Featuring a large circular body, the fan loops to a tiny opening in the front where the air blows out. Thanks to this location, it allows strong air flow encouraging the walls and flooring to dry faster.

With these tools, our Santa Rosa experts can easily remove water damage and restore areas affected by it. If your living space has already been ruined by water or you fear it might be causing a problem, contact RCS. We’ll send a team out to inspect and quickly get to work fixing it.