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What to Look for to Prevent Water Damage in Your Home

Homeownership is a source of pride despite the never ending to-do lists. The list of home repair projects seems to grow by the day.

While you do your best to keep on top of problems, sometimes they simply get away from you.

Water Problems are the Biggest Headache for Homeowners

One of the most common problems for homeowners in the North Bay area is related to water.

Water damage causes expensive damage, affects air quality and promotes the growth of mold.
It pays to consistently check pipes, hoses and watch for leaks in the home. Items you may not think to check include dishwasher hoses, secured laundry tub hoses, broken seals around tubs or plumbing fixtures, water heater leaks and roof leaks.

If the house smells musty, you might have mold somewhere, which strongly indicates a moisture or water problem.

A professional restoration company has the equipment to detect water problems, measure moisture levels and begin remediation or repair work sooner than later.


Although still learning about health issues caused by mold, research has proven the connection between mold and allergies, asthma and respiratory issues.

Keeping moisture-prone areas dry is the first step in getting rid of mold. Once found, scrub the mold away with a bleach and water cleaner. The bleach kills bacteria and cleans mold away, disinfecting the affected areas at the same time.

If moisture and mold is a recurring issue in your home, contact a mold remediation company to resolve the problem for good.

Sewer Backups

While water and mold problems are common, sewer backups are dangerous and damaging to your home.

Pay attention to slow drains, a gurgling noise from sinks/toilets, rising water levels in the floor drain or a very unpleasant sewer smell. If you notice these things, call a plumber specializing in sewer backups to check things out.

If you miss the warning signs and experience a sewer backup, don’t try cleanup on your own. There is too much disease-infested bacteria floating around the damaged areas.

It takes a restoration company to manage the mess, restore damaged items and properly disinfect/sanitize your home.

When you’ve done your best to prevent problems, but they get worse or just don’t seem to go away, contact the certified professionals at RCS, serving Santa Rosa and Sonoma County. We are experts in home remediation and repair of even your worst home problems. Call us today for a free consultation.