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Why You Should Use a Dehumidifer in Your Crawl Space

Crawl spaces are often overlooked spaces by homeowners. While they might not be frequently used, they still play a huge role in your living space’s overall condition. One major problem with them though is mold. If not removed, this fungus can cause serious issues. Because of this, it might be worthwhile to install a dehumidifier. Below you’ll learn more about this device and why it’s vital to use in crawl spaces.

What is a Dehumidifier?

This appliance regulates an area’s humidity levels. This helps with preventing the growth of mold spores which would otherwise cause both health and structural concerns.

To work, the machine will draw in hot air. It will then send it through cooling coils which collect moisture from it. The cool air will then be sent back into the space.

Why This Tool is Essential in Crawl Spaces

Crawl spaces are dark areas situated beneath your home. Because of this poorly lit and damp location, it collects a lot of moisture. Often, this moisture is unable to be filtered out causing it to circulate inside. With the added humidity, it encourages the growth of mold spores which can get sucked up into your home’s ductwork or eat away at structural beams.

A dehumidifier completely stops all of this by filtering through the air. You’ll notice that after a bit, your crawl space will have a better temperature. You might even find that your home’s air quality has improved.

What Type of Dehumidifier is Best to Use?

For crawl spaces, you want to use a commercial-grade dehumidifier. This tends to be more powerful than the ones you would use inside your home. They’re also waterproof which prevents them from sparking or breaking if they come into contact with water. Most of the time, those built for crawl spaces will be labeled as so.

Where to Place One in a Crawl Space

Ideally, put the device in the center of the crawl space. This way, it’s in the middle of the area giving it a better chance of filtering through all the air.

You can move the tool around the crawl space to different zones but make sure it mainly spends most of its time in the center.

Dehumidifiers are an excellent tool to use in your crawl space if you want to stop mold growth and improve your home’s air quality. If you have questions about them or would like one installed, contact RCS in Santa Rosa. Our team will be happy to answer any concerns you have and will get to work establishing one in it.