Hardwood floors are a highlight in many homes thanks to their stunning looks and durability. Despite this, they can get ruined if they come into constant contact with water. Below you’ll find more information about how water hurts hardwood floors and how you can better defend them from it.

How Water Damages Wood Flooring

When water seeps into wood it will quickly soak into its fibers. Depending on how well the floor is sealed, the liquid will linger and spread through the planks. The longer this happens, the more likely cupping will occur. This results in the flooring abnormally expanding which can make it buckle.

Is Water Damage Serious?

Yes, this is a concerning problem. Not only will water damage ruin the hardwood’s aesthetics, but will encourage the growth of mold. When mold spores develop, they’ll cause the wood to turn black and green. They’ll also result in the area having a musty smell. If not fixed, your flooring won’t only look unsightly but could become a structural hazard.

3 Ways to Protect Wood Floors From Water

Apply a Sealant: One of the best ways to defend your floor from water damage is to seal it. Often, a polyurethane finish is ideal because it will enhance the wood’s grains while creating a strong barrier. While the seal won’t fully stop water from sneaking into the wood, it will do a better job at safeguarding it from serious issues.

Don’t Wear Shoes On It: If you walk across the floor with dirty or wet shoes, any debris on them will get pressed into the floor. Many times, particles left behind by shoes go unnoticed because they’re so small. Despite this, they can cause major problems.

To prevent this, it might be best to ban wearing shoes on your floors. If you prefer to wear shoes, invest in a pair that you only wear indoors.

Quickly Clean Up Messes: You want to always clean up any water droplets from your floors as soon as you notice them. This will stop them from soaking into the floor. You can use paper towels to do so or have a mop on hand.

Water damage is an alarming problem that can negatively affect your wood floors. By keeping these tips in mind, you can help shield your flooring from it. If you’re worried you might already have hardwood water damage, give RCS a call in Santa Rosa. We’ll be happy to inspect it and offer advice as to how it can be restored.