Getting rid of standing water inside of a house can be chore all of its own. Once complete, a homeowner can often be left with a loss of words concerning all the work that still needs to be done as a result of the flood. Because of the seriousness of water damage, a professional is often needed to in order to repair the damage. More often than not, there is more to be done than a home owner may realize.

Standing water not only does severe damage to the surface of the flooded area, it can also penetrate beneath the floor and the walls of the house. You may have electrical issues created by the water that can only be fixed properly by replacing damaged electric lines, wires, and outlets that were affected by the water. By not taking the time and spending the money to correctly repair the damage, you could be setting yourself up to experience more severe problems and issues later in the future.

Issues and problems with the plumbing may also be a result of the flood. You will want to have a professional check for any leaks, cracks, or other damage throughout your water lines. Not taking anything away from the knowledge of the everyday homeowner, but there can often be damage that you wouldn’t know existed within the plumbing unless you had been properly trained to look for it.

Along with carpet, tile, and hardwood flooring, there may also be a need to repair or place some of the floors structuring. There is often damage to the woodwork within the walls surrounding the area of the flooding. This should be repaired properly as soon as possible in order to prevent the damage from getting worse as times goes on. Sometimes a fresh coat of paint will do the trick and nothing else needs to be done. However, the majority of the time, wood and materials within the sub flooring and wall structure will need to be replaced right away. If you do not have the proper knowledge to make the decision on your own, take the time to have a pro who handles flooding situations on a regular biases come and evaluate the damage. Be smart about who you allow into your home and hire to do the work. Ask friends and neighbors and check references through sites such as Angie’s List before you sign a contract of pay for the work to be completed.