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What to Know About Fire Reconstruction

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Fire reconstruction is a helpful service that works to restore your living space to normal conditions. Yet, while useful, some might be hesitant to use it. This post will explore more about the benefits of fire reconstruction and what is done during the process.

Is Fire Reconstruction Useful?

Sometimes, a few might think fire reconstruction is a wasteful service as they can repair most of the damage themselves. While you can fix some issues, most need to be addressed by a professional. This especially includes smoke damage which can seep into walls and can only be removed with the use of special equipment. Besides this, fire reconstruction will work on:
  • Repairing burned or broken structural components.
  • Removing dangerous particles, like lead or asbestos.
  • Deodorizing the space.
In addition to cleaning, most services will have a contractor’s license allowing them to legally fix a structure, such as replacing fire damaged beams or load bearing walls.

What is Done During Fire Reconstruction?

At first, a fire reconstruction specialist will inspect the damaged area. This will give them a better understanding of how severe the issue is and what equipment is needed. After assessing the scene, they’ll then get to work sealing off the area and removing debris as well as personal belongings. Once this is done, the section will then be cleared of soot, mold spores, and other particles with the help of a strong vacuum. They’ll then scrub the walls and other areas and apply a deodorizer. You’ll notice that they’ll also use HEPA filters in the vacuums and fans to ensure that even the finest particles don’t escape. When the expert is certain that everything is properly cleaned, the reconstruction process will begin.

Can This Service Restore Personal Belongings?

Besides just removing personal belongings from the scene, this resource can also refurbish items. While this might not be possible in some cases, fire reconstruction services often are equipped with high-tech equipment, like ultrasonic cleaners, that can aid in getting your possessions back to good condition.

How Do I Know if a Fire Reconstruction Service is Reputable?

Some ways to tell if a company is credible is by:
  • Checking their reviews.
  • Ensuring they are insured and have the correct licenses.
  • How much of the process they assist with.
  • Reviewing their time and budget estimates.
Fire reconstruction is a helpful service that can assist with getting your residence back to normal after a devastating event. RCS in Sonoma County offers an extensive reconstruction service that will quickly repair and restore affected areas.

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