Mold in the workplace can cause a lot of health issues for employees.  It’s the responsibility of the employer to ensure their work environment is safe for their employees.  Any maintenance workers are responsible for removing any mold that may start to grow in the workplace.  If you do have any mold growing in the workplace, there are some things you can do to prevent any illnesses.  You can determine whether it can be contained or if you need some outside help.  If anyone reports any illnesses or shows symptoms, you can have a medical professional look into the matter as well.

What Mold can do

While mold is one of the most found substances on Earth, it should be avoided when it’s inside.  They can eat away at the foundation of a building, allowing smells to penetrate throughout the building.  The integrity of the building is compromised when mold appears, and it will create issues when you’re trying to contain it.  If mold can find any moisture in the building, it can stick to the moisture and continue to grow, consuming anything they’re attached to.  If people are exposed to the mold through the air, they may start to have trouble breathing, and can lead to other health concerns.

Health Effects

If someone is exposed to mold in the workplace for an extended period of time, they are susceptible to having health issues.  Someone may have an allergic reaction to the mold, and everyone reacts differently to certain particles.  They may suffer from rashes or issues breathing, and it’s worse if someone has a weak immune system.  There are things one can do to prevent being exposed, including avoiding moist areas with mold, and using other proven methods of mold prevention.

Mold Prevention

There are some things your employer can do to prevent mold from growing and spreading throughout the building.  Repairing any leaks in the plumbing will go a long way to stop the mold from growing.  If any moisture is found on the floor, ceiling, or walls, they can install a dehumidifier.  Cleaning up any wet surfaces right away will help prevent mold from growing, and it should be dry within 48 hours. Buildings can also have a drainage system that takes any moisture away from the building and dumps it into a sewer.  

There are other ways your employer can prevent mold buildup, and prevention is the first step to ensuring the workplace stays clean and healthy. However, if you notice a mold problem you need to notify your employer immediately so they can either fix the source or call a professional service to come and take care of it before it becomes a larger issue. You have the right to a healthy workplace.