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Common Spring Septic Problems

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As warmer weather starts to return, it’s important to ensure your septic system is ready for it. Here are a few common problems to watch out for and a handful of ways you can prevent them so you don't have to call us to clean up a septic backup in your bathroom.

3 Frequent Septic Problems

Blocked Pipes: A common problem in the spring is blocked pipes. Over the winter, grease and other debris can build-up inside them. Sometimes, tree roots could also start to spread into the pipes as warm weather returns. When the pipes are obstructed, waste is unable to flow through them. This could cause it to get stuck and eventually back-up into your home’s plumbing system. Overflows: Septic overflows are usually due to clogged pipes or another type of blockage. Your septic system will try to work normally, but due to these problems, is unable to do so. This will cause its pipes to slightly burst which can create sinkholes. It can also damage the plumbing lines inside your living space and can cause nasty odors to linger in it. Standing Water: Standing water is a recurrent problem during the spring. While it could be caused by a burst pipe, many times, it’s due to excessive rain. Because the water has nowhere to drain, it will rest on the top of the septic system. This can create a muddy mess that will flood your yard if not drained.

How to Prevent Septic Issues

Change the Filters: It’s a good idea to change your filters each time spring rolls around. This will prolong your system’s lifespan because it will stop clogs. The filters will also prevent large debris from getting flushed into the septic system. Adjust Your Gutters: Spring can bring heavy rain. If your gutters are pointed toward your septic system, that excess water can overwhelm the system. Before the season arrives, make sure to point your gutters away from the septic field. This way, water won’t flood the area. Get it Pumped: Another way to avert septic issues is to get it pumped. This will remove all debris from the tank so new waste can easily be sent into it. Regularly pumping it will also help professionals see if there might be a hidden problem that could potentially cause severe damage. Keeping your septic system working correctly is crucial if you want to prevent pricey issues. If you’re concerned about your septic system or want to have a quick inspection done, contact RCS. Our Santa Rosa, CA experts can check for standing water in and around your foundation and recommend a local septic service professional if need be.

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