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Basement Maintenance and Repairs You Probably Need

Basement Maintenance and Repairs You Probably Need

The old saying, “out of sight out of mind” is unfortunately true for many homeowners when it comes to their basement. If your basement is unfinished or just not a comfortable place to be, you probably don’t go down there very often. As a result, there may be issues cropping up down there that you aren’t aware of. The best way to prevent expensive problems in your basement is to do some regular maintenance. Here are some basement maintenance and repair tips that will help you manage potential issues.

Basement Maintenance and Repairs You Probably Need

Check for signs of foundation cracks

Foundations crack when the soil under your home settles due to water or freezing and then thawing. You may not know when the foundation is cracking since you can’t see it, but you can look for signs. If you notice cracks in the walls of your basement, then you need to get your foundation checked. The walls crack because the base is now uneven. If doors that used to close now get jammed then that is another sign of foundation issues. Windows that don’t align enough to shut or lock anymore is another sign. However, if you have trouble shutting your doors and windows it may be due to increased or decreased humidity making the wood in your home swell or shrink. Check your basement regularly so you can know the trends when the season changes. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, get your foundation checked.

Eliminate dampness

A musty odor, visible condensation or increased humidity in your basement is a sign that you have too much moisture down there. Moisture in your basement leads to mold and rotting wood which can be really expensive to fix if you let it get out of hand. Install a dehumidifier to pull extra moisture out of the air. If you think you have moisture coming up from the ground, you may need to install a sump pump. Consider adding a vapor barrier to prevent future moisture problems.

Look for leaks

You may not realize if you have a plumbing leak, but, thanks to gravity, all water will flow down to the basement. Check your basement walls for flaking or peeling paint. This is a sign of a leak behind the walls. If you notice any discolored spots on the ceiling or walls of your basement, this is also a possible sign of leaks. You definitely want to find the source of leaks quickly so that your floors and walls do not rot. If you think you may have issues with your basement, contact our office today. We help to clean up and repair damage due to mold. If you find that you had an unnoticed plumbing leak that has damaged your home, we can also help you with that as well. The best way to protect your home is to do regular maintenance and take preventative measures.

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