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Don’t Let Your Air Conditioner Be A Breeding Ground for Mold

Don’t Let Your Air Conditioner Be A Breeding Ground for Mold

As the summer draws to an end, you probably feel like your A/C unit has been running non-stop in this sweltering heat. Whether you have a central air system or a window or air unit, humidity builds up and that can become the perfect breeding ground for mold.

Don’t Let Your Air Conditioner Be A Breeding Ground for Mold

Dangers of Mold In Your Air Conditioner

A small mold problem in your air conditioner can quickly become a bigger problem. Most people don’t even know they have an A/C mold problem, so it continues to grow unnoticed and circulates through your home every time you turn on the unit. Some people have no reaction, but others have mild allergic reactions or could even suffer fairly severe respiratory disorders.

How to Prevent Mold in Your Air Conditioner

There are ways to keep the unit clean. The first line of defense is a clean air filter, so make sure you clean it regularly. Set a reminder every month to ensure that the buildup gets washed off. Organic matter from your kitchen and home build up on the filter to literally create food for mold, so regular washing is key. Air conditioners do require regular maintenance, so review your owner’s manual and follow the manufacturer recommendations to avoid any moisture buildup in the unit. Coils should be kept clear of dirt; also make sure they are functioning properly. Drains should be kept clear of clogs, and don’t forget to check for leaks. Moisture can also build up in ducts, so make sure you don’t have any standing water where your ducts are concerned. Moisture usually builds up on ducts because the drain channels are not properly maintained, thus they clog. If you’ve never had your ducts cleaned, it is probably time, so hire a professional company to do it. If you need to buy a window unit, be sure to buy one that features indoor humidity control. Today’s modern window units will automatically control the air’s moisture level to keep mold under control. Going away on vacation?  Contrary to popular belief, it is not a good idea to turn your a/c off if you’re leaving. An airtight house with no air circulation is a big breeding ground for mold. Instead, keep your unit running. You can certainly crank the temperature up a few notches, so that the unit is not constantly running, but make sure the unit is circulating air while you’re gone. Remember, mold doesn’t need much moisture to grow out of control, and summertime is prime time for mold.

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