Mold is great for the environment. It decomposes organic matter and improves soil fertility. But indoors, mold does more bad than good. If left to thrive within the home, it can cause severe respiratory problems and ruin a home’s aesthetics. Luckily, you can keep mold at bay. Here are tips to inhibit mold growth in the home.

Repair Leaks

Mold flourishes in damp areas. Often, leaky faucets, pipes, and roofs can cause dampness in areas that should be dry. Inspect these places for leaks and fix any leaks you encounter to prevent mold growth.

Open Curtains and Blinds

Besides flourishing in damp areas, mold also thrives in the dark. Opening the curtains and blinds in your home can inhibit mold growth. Opening curtains and blinds can also allow heat to enter your home and reduce moisture which also helps mold to thrive.

Fix Roof Gutters

When there’s a heavy downpour, gutters help to divert water away from your home and channel it to appropriate areas outside your home. If your gutters are damaged, they won’t channel water away from your home. This could result in water infiltrating your home and providing favorable conditions for mold growth. Thus, if your gutters are damaged, ensure you fix them to keep mold at bay.

Hang Damp Clothes Outdoors

Hanging damp clothes indoors can result in elevated humidity levels within the home and provide perfect conditions for mold to grow within the home or even on the clothes. Thus, if you usually line dry your clothes, ensure you don’t bring any damp clothes indoors until they’re dry.

Additionally, don’t let your clothes stay in the washing machine for too long after doing your laundry. Instead, hang them out immediately or put them inside the drier after doing your laundry to prevent mold growth.

Improve Indoor Air Flow

Mold also thrives in homes with poor air circulation. Ensure you open your windows to promote proper airflow within your home. Additionally, open doors between rooms to keep air circulating throughout the home.

Monitor Humidity Levels

Humidity within the home can rise to high levels if left unchecked. As a rule of thumb, the humidity levels in your home shouldn’t exceed 50% throughout the day. Prevent humidity levels in your home from rising above 50% by using a humidity meter to monitor your home’s humidity.


Use these tips to prevent mold growth in your home, and call the mold remediation experts at RCS in Santa Rosa at 707-570-0555 if you need help eliminating mold in your home.