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5 Signs You Need New Electrical Wiring

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Electricity is a staple in most homes. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to run appliances, use devices, or see during the night. However, sometimes damaged wires could affect how well devices run and could even be a fire concern. Below are five signs to look out for that indicate you need new electrical wiring.

5 Signs You Need to Replace Your Home’s Electrical Wiring

  1. The Outlets are Hot: Hot outlets are usually caused by an overloaded circuit or a loose wire. If you find that certain outlets get hot often, they need to be replaced. Otherwise, they could spark a fire. To cool an outlet down, unplug any wires in it. If the outlet is still hot after 30 minutes, immediately contact a professional for help.
  2. There are Burn Marks Around the Outlets: Burn marks are a major sign that you need to quickly replace your home’s wiring. These will create a black path on or around the outlets. Burn marks indicate a loose connection or power surge. If this isn’t fixed, the heat could spread to other wires causing them to ignite. Most outlets, such as GFCIs, are equipped to immediately turn themselves off if they sense a power surge. However, older outlets don’t usually have this feature making them more susceptible to burns.
  3. The Circuit Breaker Trips: If you notice that the circuit breaker often trips, there’s probably a wiring problem. A circuit breaker is designed to stop an overloaded current. If this keeps happening, it shows that there’s a wiring problem that needs to be quickly addressed.
  4. The Lights Flicker: Flickering lights are caused by a faulty circuit or a loose component in the circuit breaker. While they can be sometimes due to a bad bulb, if your entire home is having a problem, it’s more than likely a wiring issue. While this might not be a problem at first, flickering lights could potentially become a fire hazard.
  5. You Hear Buzzing Noises: If you hear buzzing noises once you turn on your lights or other electrical appliances, you definitely need to get your wiring replaced. A buzzing wire indicates a burst of electric energy that is too much for the voltage to handle. This not only is dangerous, but can affect how well the electric works.
Electricity is crucial, but electrical wirings in homes can run into some problems. If you’re concerned that you’re having electric issues or need to replace your wiring due to water damage, consider contacting RCS in Santa Rosa, CA. We offer an electrical line replacement service that will safely remove and replace faulty wirings.

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