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3 Ways to Prep Your Crawl Space for Fall

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As summer comes to a close, it’s vital that you prepare your crawl space for the fall. Below you’ll learn more about frequent fall crawl space issues and few ways you can prevent them.

Common Crawl Space Problems During the Fall

One regular issue during this season is mold. Because crawl spaces are enclosed, they can collect mold spores easily. With the humidity inside crawl spaces, these particles can quickly spread and encourage mildew. Over time, it could get sent up into your home which can contaminate the air and lead to respiratory issues. Another problem is pests. As outdoor food sources start to slow down, some pests might investigate your crawl space in search of some. This can be especially problematic if you keep trash cans and edible debris in it. Not only can this invite diseases into your crawl space, but it could lead to structural damage if they start chewing on or burrowing into the walls.

3 Tips for Prepping Your Crawl Space for Fall

Add a Vapor Barrier: You might want to add a vapor barrier to your crawl space. This sheet creates a thin yet powerful layer around the walls and floors preventing moisture and pests from sneaking into it. Check for Cracks: Another critical thing to do is inspect the crawl space for cracks. These might seem like a minor issue, but even the smallest one can invite water and moisture into the section. Because there isn’t a place for it to go, the water and moisture will linger inside. This could lead to structural damage and mold growth. Because of this, do a thorough inspection of the crawl space, especially around the edges. If you notice anything in the walls, flooring, vents, or doors make sure to seal them immediately. Add a Ventilation System: It’s important that your crawl space has adequate ventilation. This ensures that the space doesn’t collect moisture. It also prevents contaminated air from traveling into your home’s ductwork. While you can have a major ventilation system installed, you could also plug in an air purifier. This can remove allergens and other debris from the air. It will also keep moisture out. Getting your crawl space ready for fall is vital if you want to keep it in good condition. By keeping this information in mind, you can ensure it is. If you have questions about it or would like a professional to inspect the space, contact RCS in Sonoma County. We’ll be happy to answer any concerns you have and get your crawl space ready for the season.

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