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3 Signs Your Home Has Rat Damage

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Wall holes, chewed wires, and feces piles - these are just a few unpleasant side effects of having rats take over your home. But, sometimes, their presence isn’t always obvious. Here are a few signs to watch out for and some tips to keep them away.

Three Signs Your Home Has Rat Damage

You Hear Running in the Walls: A common sign that your home has rats is that you hear them scurrying through the walls. This pest loves the dark and damp conditions of crawl spaces, attics, and basements. To get to the different sections, they’ll chew through the walls and create tunnels. The sound of them running in the walls indicates that they’re moving to different portions of your home - something which can be very concerning. You Notice Droppings: Another sure indicator that your living space has rats is that you notice their feces. This unsightly mess leaves behind feces that are about ¾-inch long making them look like rice grains. You can tell if they’re fresh or not by looking at the color. If they look gray, they’ve been there for a while. But, if they’re black, it's recent. There Are Holes in Food Containers and Around the Walls: To get what they need, rats will chew into things. To satisfy their appetite, they’ll search for food. If they can’t easily obtain it, they’ll gnaw at the containers until they can. Rats will also bite into your walls so they can find good living conditions. This passageway is very obvious and looks like a small, open doorway in your baseboards.

How to Prevent Rats

Close Vents: Most of the time, open vents are what encourage rats to sneak into your home. If outdoor vents are propped open, this creature will slide inside and crawl through them. Because the vents connect to your duct system, any debris they leave behind will get sorted into your home’s air circulation. It will also lead them to your attic where they could end up making a nest. Don’t Leave Food Outdoors: Leaving open trash cans or food outdoors will only invite rats to your residence. You’ll want to make sure to keep edible items sealed and away from your home. Use Peppermint Oil: Rats detest peppermint oil. By placing a few cotton balls soaked in it around their nest or in areas where they might sneak in, you easily deter them. Rats are pesky animals that can cause severe home damage. If you’re concerned you might have a pest problem or want to ensure it doesn’t happen, give RCS a call. We’ll send a team out to inspect your home and get to work quickly fixing any issues.

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