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Mold - How To Remove From A Home

Admin Admin - Monday, August 12, 2013

Hello, I'm Tim Garret with Restoration Certified Specialist. We're located in Santa Rosa, California

When we received a phone call at the office that somebody has a mold problem, we set up an appointment to go out and inspect their home. I do moisture readings and observe the mold. Now if it's an isolated area, that's not too big of a problem, we can provide you an estimate, come out and set up containment, remediate it, get rid of the problem. Then we will always have to require that you have a outside testing company come in and do a clearance. This protects you that we didn't just do our own testing, you have your own person that you've hired to ensure that we've done our work properly. 

If the area is not an isolated problem, you have many problems in the home where there's mold in the kitchen and different areas of the house, this is where we will stop and recommend that you hire a testing company that can come in and they will do their mold testing to get the results, find out what type of molds and how bad it is in the house. They'll take moisture readings, and from this they will come up with a scope of work. And from their scope of work then we'll provide our estimate off the scope of work. Also you can utilize this to show other restoration companies so you can get competitive bids. 

When we're completed with the mold remediation, at that time you'll have the testing company return, they'll do their testing, they will provide you with a clearance letter showing that we've remediated the house properly, the mold is gone and this will give you safety for your family and peace of mind that it has been done properly. 

 Thank you. Once again, this is Tim Garret with Restoration Certified Specialist. Hope you found this helpful.
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