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Fire Damage | Smoke Issues | Santa Rosa, CA

Admin Admin - Tuesday, August 20, 2013
Hello. I'm Tim Garrett with Restoration Certified Specialist here in Santa Rosa, California. When we receive a phone call that a customer had a fire in their house, we typically go out and meet with the homeowner, find out what's most important to them, and explain the process of how we're gonna get rid of this smoke damage in their house and the smell in their house. 

Typically, one of the most important things to a homeowner is, "Am I have to replace all my furniture and my contents of my house and how long is this work going to take?" We start off with finding out where the fire... What caused the fire. Was it a protein, a chemical fire or cellulosic? What does that means is, was it a protein fire where they cooking something on the stove and food burned and smoked out the house? Or was it in the fireplace, it was just wood that burned? That would be cellulosic. Or was it chemical? Chemical meaning that the fire was so bad it burned up a couch or a plastic chair and released chemical in the air. That'll tell a restoration contractor how to attack your fire and the smell in the house and the soot and dust and clean it up properly. 

Hope this has been helpful for you. I'm Tim Garrett with Restoration Certified Specialist.
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